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The Bolivian Amazon, in the northern part of Bolivia, extends across seventy percent of the national territory and encompasses the departments of Beni, La Paz, and Pando, amongst which the last has the most significant extension; it is approximately at 200 to 250 meters above mean sea level and is home to wild nature and indigenous cultures that conserve their ancestral habitat.

This paradisiacal place encloses the “Madre de Dios” river region in the Bolivian Amazon Basil, which is similar to a giant anaconda that twists around and changes colors, filling everything it surrounds with life.

The Bolivian Amazon is one of the greatest biodiversity treasures in the world; characterized by the existence of primitive ethnic groups who live with wild and exotic animals (tigers, monkeys, parrots, alligators, anacondas, etc.). The virgin jungle is an explosion of nuances in green colors in a spectacular show of giant trees, exuberant plants and exotic flowers.
    • Riberalta, located in the east of the Amazon region, in the department of Beni, allows tourists to visit the chestnut production centers, the areas where rubber is obtained, and indigenous people contact centers.

      Tomichucua Lake, located 25 km. from Riberalta, in the middle of the Amazon jungle; it is quite relevant due to the overwhelming natural landscape.

      Cachuela Esperanza, located 120 km. from Riberalta, to the east of the Amazon in the department of Beni; it causes an interruption on the navigation of the Beni River as an abrupt waterfall of approximately 10 meters in the “Esperanza”. This is also one of the points with the greatest historic tradition in the Amazon.

      Guayaramerín, a border town, joining Bolivia with the city of Guajará, Brazil; it has important attractions in its surroundings, such as “Cachuela Esperanza” village and the city of “Bella Vista”, where the Beni and Mamoré rivers meet impressively forming the Madera River.
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