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The Bolivian Chaco, located at the southern part of the country, is composed by the Departments of Santa Cruz, Chuquisaca and Tarija, reaching an altitude of 100 to 400 meters above mean sea level; it is a region rich in natural and cultural resources, as well as beautiful landscapes. Large extensions of the Chaco territory are protected areas, such as the National Park and Integrated Natural Area “Kaa-Iya”, the largest in South America and the most important in a dry forest area; the Private Reserve of Natural Patrimony “Corbalán”, the “Aguaragüe” National Park and the “Quebracho Colorado” Reserve.

An ethnic diversity of Guaraní people also lives in this region; they maintain their customs and have great knowledge of the language of the river, and are fishermen, craftsmen and great creators of exquisite folklore.

Mighty rivers from the La Plata and Amazon basins cross the Chaco region, creating areas that are definitely fit for canoe trips.
    • Yacuiba, in the department of Tarija, is a great attractive due to its exuberant vegetation, small villages; as well as its forests and natural wildlife.

      El Palmar, a small village mainly characterized by the amazing view of palm trees that grow on the sand.

      Sanandita, a military infrastructure that offers tourist activities in military training.

      Villamontes, a small population that gives a great deal of testimony on the Chaco War history.

      Pilcomayo River, it belongs to the La Plata river basin and is the perfect place for aquatic sports.

      Camiri, in the department of Santa Cruz, is the oil capital of Bolivia; it has several places of both touristic and historic interest related to the Chaco War.
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