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Located in the heart of Bolivia, between the majestic Andes Mountain Range and the warm Amazonic plains, this tropical region has a large ecological diversity with mighty rivers and neverending forests, as it comports a natural refuge for wild animals. Native indigenous communities live in these jungles, maintaining their customs, traditions and ways of life.

The flora and fauna riches develop thanks to the existence of rivers, lagoons, and fresh pools of natural water formed by the rise in the water level and flooding that tend to envelope this region offering an always different type of spectacle.

This region offers a singular variety of flora and fauna that can be appreciated when passing from the valley floor to the subtropical valleys. The temperature ranges between 18ºC and 25ºC because of its altitude, which is 2,704 meters above mean sea level.

Streams can be appreciated as they mix their waters to form even the great Amazon River. Typical regional fish are caught in these waters and trees such as Mara, Mahogany, Cedar and Laurel may still be appreciated in the jungle.
    • Villa Tunari, its natural swimming holes surrounded by mountains offer beautiful landscapes, unique camping spots, and paths for long walks and hikes in the middle of the forest. Flocks of parrots, “Gallitos de Roca”, and other wild animals can be appreciated here.

      Shinahota, a unique tourist destination with natural areas, surrounded by thick and diverse vegetation; where pleasant walks along the riverbank and mountain paths can be taken.

      Chimoré, was the ancient Mission “San Antonio de Padua”, whose name comes from the Yuracaré language and means “small almond” (Almendrillo).

      Puerto Villarroel, a variety of fish, alligators and turtles can be appreciated in its small yet peculiar ecosystems; the wide leaved forest is found in the Sacta Valley and is considered one of the most important in the world, with trees that grow over 55 meters high and produce large amounts of wood. Boats can be taken from this point to Trinidad an other villages in Beni.

      Isidoro Sécure National Park, located between the departments of Cochabamba and Beni; it has a great geographical diversity that varies between 200 and 3,000 meters above mean sea level and is home to rich flora y fauna. About 47 native indigenous communities live on the banks of the Isiboro, Ichoa and Securé Rivers.

      Carrasco National Park, has a great variety of ecological floors. It has several lagoons with beautiful fauna and flora. One of the greatest attractions here is the immense variety of birds, amongst which the Guácharo (steatornis caripensis), a bird that inhabits the Repechón Caverns, is the most impressive.
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