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A wonderful destination, that is rich in folklore as well as pre-Columbian, ethnic and natural resources; it is located on the central Altiplano to the West of Bolivia, many a lake and salt flats run across the department as well as the Andean Mountain Range (East and West). It is at an average altitude of 3700 meters above mean sea level.

The department of Oruro, cradle of one of the oldest civilizations in America – The Urus, was also one of the most important centers in the “Audiencia de Charcas”, due of the intense mining activity of the period, offering the vast fortune of its mountains to Bolivia and the world.

Oruro has been recognized as Bolivia´s folklore capital due to the regal carnival celebration, which has been declared by UNESCO as “A Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”. The department features important archeological and historical centers, and awesome colonial churches of great cultural value, which all deserve to be visited by tourists from all over the world.
    • Sajama National Park, located in the far northeast of Oruro, in the Western Andean Mountain Range. It´s the first Protected Area of Bolivia. Its identity is marked by the very impressive snow- capped Sajama volcano at 6542 meters above mean sea level, as comporting Bolivia´s highest peak. In this important territory one can find unique forests of Queñuas, a type of tree that grows at the highest altitude in the world, and an important variety of wild flora and fauna. Complementing the landscape, one can find beautiful lagoons, thermal springs, geysers and colorful “Chullpares”, all possessing great cultural value.

      Curahuara de Carangas, a lovely town nestled on the way to Sajama National Park. It owns a beautiful and very important colonial church known as “The Sistine Chapel of the Altiplano” due to the impressive mural that decorates its interior.

      Chipaya Ethnic Group, one of the oldest cultures in the continent; it has its origins on Uru ethnicity and resides in the vicinity of the Coipasa salt flat some 3940 meters above mean sea level. Visitors can observe the traditional circular houses built with tells, their unique clothing, the braiding style of their women, and use of their enigmatic native language.

      Coipasa Salt Flat, located at 225 Km. from Oruro City, is the second most important salt flat in South America, it is part of the Inter Salt Flat in South America, it is part of the Inter Salt Flat Touristic Route (Ruta Turística intersalar). A world unique destination, beholds an interior lagoon surrounded by mountains and impressive cactus forests that overwhelmingly complement the landscape. This gorgeous salt flat is known as “Heaven´s Mirror”.

      Alcaya Archeological Complex, an important pre-Columbian citadel located in the far south of the Departament in the vicinity of Uyuni Salt Flat, at 287 Km. from Oruro City. Visitors can see the most eerie mummies, peculiar circular houses made from stone, outstanding agricultural ledges and a unique underground cemetery, as well as beautiful ceramic pieces, baskets and pre-Columbian tapestries.

      Lake Poopó and the Urus Ethnicity, Poopó, named “The Navel of the World”, is the second most important lake in Bolivia, with a surface of 4250 Km2. It presents a wonderful landscape on which Andean flamencos stand out, as well as wild ducks and other bird species. It has been declared a RAMSAR SITE due to the quality of its habitat for wild species of flora and fauna. On its shores reside Uru ethnic groups of ancestral origins: Muratos, Llapallapanis, and others.

      The Lost Atlantis, located in the town of Pampa Aullagas in the far south on Lake Poopó, where investigator Jim Allen has identified, in accordance with the descriptions of Plato, important constructions of circular channels at the base of the mountain; as well as others that cover the surrounding high-plateau (Altiplano), giving way to the development of this wonderful and mythic civilization.
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