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Located in south-eastern Bolivia, it is the largest sweet water swamp in the world, crosses Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia, covering an extended area of 165.000 km2, sits at an average altitude of 350 meters above mean sea level and has temperatures that vary between 12ºC and 24ºC.

The Bolivian Pantanal begins in Puerto Suarez and extends up to Puerto Busch, in the Department of Santa Cruz. It is a smooth flat extension in the upper part of the Paraguay River. Its geology, hydrology and geomorphology have contributed to build a singular ecosystem that varies between permanent and partial flooded lands; higher forested areas of tropical trees are normally not flooded.

It concentrates and preserves some of the most genuine and wild spots in this region. It is an ecosystem capable of protecting a vast amount of species of flora, fauna and wildlife, altogether and within a spectacular and beautiful scenic landscape.
    • The pantanal is one of the most important habitats of flora and fauna in South America. Important mammal species can be observed such as: Jaguars, Cenegal Deer, Common Tapir, Anteaters, etc. One of the most important sweet water fisheries in the world is found here, with 405 registered fish species as the “Piraña”, Pacú, Surubí.

      The Bolivian Pantanal is also a reservoir for many of reptiles, especially alligators and snakes, such as the Anaconda. Butterflies and insects of all types are also quite common. It is an appropriate region for fishing and boating; as well as mammal, bird and reptile observation that visitors may also enjoy.
    • Puerto Suárez, 642 km. from the city of Santa Cruz, is considered the main entrance port to the Pantanal zone in Bolivian territory and is the border with Brazil. The presence of ethnic groups such as the Chiquitanos and Ayoreos is quite evident.

      Laguna Cáceres, on the river of Puerto Suárez, its main attraction is the beautiful viewing of landscapes; in its surrounding live Batos, Tapacaríes, Alligators, Otters and Capibaras.

      Mutún Mountain Chain, it holds one of the largest iron deposits on the planet.

      Tacural, located 35 km. from Puerto Suárez, is an area filled with low-lying humid forests, where fishing is practiced; it is also appropriate for bird watching and flora observation.

      Puerto Busch, another important part of the Bolivian Pantanal, is also home to many ethnic groups that maintain their way of life and traditions.

      The Paraguay River, accessible through the Tamengo canal, which connects the Heart of South America to the Atlantic Ocean thru the Paraná and “De la Plata” Rivers; this river has an infinity of birds and reptiles that live on its banks.
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