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The Royal Andean Mountain Range is located on the western border of Bolivia and surrounding Titicaca Lake and the city of La Paz. The Range extends from the Illampu to the Illimani Mountains. The height of the snow peaks exceeds 6,000 meters. The region of Los Yungas in La Paz, is also part of the Royal Andean Mountain Range. The picturesque villages in the area offer a pleasant weather and an exuberant landscape, combined with living culture expressions of dance and music executed to the rhythm of drums, called “Saya Afroboliviana”. History has left its mark on this region through prehispanic Inca roads such as Takesi, Choro and Yunga Cruz, which cross the Range from one extreme to the other, where the landscape is manifested in all of its forms, from never ending mountains to waterfalls and fruit trees.
    • The Massive Illampu, found to the north of the Andean Range, is the most important mountain. It can clearly be seen from Lake Titicaca. Doubtlessly, this is one of the most beautiful mountain areas of the Andean Range.

      Sorata, a valley located at 148 km. from La Paz city, at 2,711 meters above mean sea level. It is considered to be the “Paradise in Earth” due to the beauty and diversity of its eco-regions.

      Condoriri Group, the “Condoriri” is indeed one of the most beautiful peaks in the Andes. From the base of the snow capped mountain a scenic view of snow , rock and fog can be appreciated, giving the area a mystic character. This beautiful group of mountains is made up of more than 13 peaks that are at more than 5,000 meters above mean sea level and spread across 15 km.

      Huayna Potosi Group, the “Huayna Potosi” is the most popular mountain in Bolivia due to its proximity to the city of La Paz, only an hour and a half driving. The mountain is shaped like an iced pyramid.

      Chacaltaya Group, the snow capped Chacaltaya, is located at 30 km. from La Paz city, about an hour drive on paved road; it raises between 5,200 to 5,390 meters above mean sea level. The Bolivian Andean Club has magnificent scenic viewing area on the glacier as an excellent spot to stop and become conditioned to the altitude.

      Yungas Group, the Royal Mountain Range (Cordillera Real) is also the place of beautiful routes made up of pre-hispanic roads that take hikers from the summit at 4,640 meters above mean sea level, down into the Yungas, at an average of 220 meters above mean sea level. These roads were built before the Inca culture; expose the visitor to a variety of ecological floors that are rich in flora and fauna.

      Takesi, this pre-hispanic road is 40 km. from La Paz city; its construction dates back to Tiwanaku and it is a true work of hydraulic engineering.

      El Choro, this road offers the most overwhelming landscapes, dates back to the pre-hispanic Tiwanaku.

      Coroico, located at 95 km. from La Paz, it has a semi-tropical climate with attractive scenery. It is the perfect resting spot where visitors can enjoy the natural surroundings.

      Illimani massive, one of the greatest landmarks in the country and guardian to La Paz city. Distant only 64 miles, it offers an unforgettable view and a appealing challenge to expert climbers who dare to reach the summit of almost 6,500 m.
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