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Best known as the “Sacred Lake”, Lake Titikaka is the highest navigable lake in the world (3,810 meters above mean sea level), and is shared between Peru and Bolivia, with a total extension of 8,400 km2.

It is divided in two basins: The Great Lake Titikaka or Lake Chucuito is made up of sweet, crystal blue water, sprinkled with islands beholders of archeological remains, which are a testament of the domain that the Aymara civilization exerted in this region.

The Minor Lake Titikaka or Lake Wiñay Marka, has an exceptional landscape as the Royal Andean Mountain Range, as well a small islands where Aymaras live and work the land and are traditional fishermen, can be appreciated on the northern side. The Tiwanaku civilization, one of the most representative of our country, lived around this part of the lake.
    • Copacabana, whose original nomination Copa- cahuana, means “Watcher of the precious stone”; is found in a bay on the Great Lake, 158 km. from La Paz and is 3,840 meters above mean sea level. This is a mystical region flooded with traditions and relics, it has been a ceremonial center since pre-hispanic time, and is currently a pilgrimage center.

      Suriki Island, approximately 12 km. from Huatajata. It is a fishermen island as well as the main builder of Totora reed rafts and boats.

      Sampaya, a pre-Columbian village, has through its cobblestone streets, gutters that feed the terrace cultivation, maintaining its herbage throughout the year.

      Sun Island, located 14 km. from Copacabana, is home to pre-Columbian monuments such as: the Pilkokaina Palace, the Chinkana Palace or Laberynth, the Inca Staircase, the Sacred Fountain of Eternal Youth and the Incan Terraces.

      Moon Island or Koati, located 7 km from Sun Island. The ruins of Iñak Uyu Palace or Temple of the Moon are found here.
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