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Cradle of the andean world
Calle Ayacucho y Potosí
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A monumental Pre Hispanic array of Stone structures located 72 Km. from the City of La Paz.
    • Pumapunku pyramid or “Gate of the Puma”, one of the most extraordinary temples, covering an extended area of over 2 hectares; it holds an impressive T-shaped pyramid structure.

      Akapana pyramid, the most relevant monument of the Pre Columbian city of Tiwanaku. It is a pyramid comprised of seven platforms, reaching almost 18 meters high.

      Bennett Monolith or “Pachamama Monolith” is the quintessential display of Tiwanaku´s stone monuments and can be found in the New Museum of Stone Artifacts.

      Kantatallita or “Light of Dawn”, made one of the most extraordinary pieces due to its fine detail. It displays a meticulously carved iconography. Because of its features, it is very likely that this piece had been covered by flat gold plates.

      Gate of the Sun. Known worldwide as the highest display of perfection reached by the Tiwanaky people, as much for its artwork as well as the symbols etched into its facade; this piece was made from a single block of Andean rock. Its engravings represent a complicated calendar derived from ancient religious beliefs and the Andean cosmovision.

      Kalasasaya, “Temple of the Standing Stones” inside which are the Ponce Monolith, “El Fraile” (The Friar), the Gate of the Sun, Putuni (featuring excavations and pits), known as the “Sarcophagus Palace” and Khery Qala. Within these ruins there is a stone gate known as the Gate of the Moon.

      Semi-subterranean Template, one of the most complete architectural marvels displaying the glory of Tiwanaku. Built over 2 meters below the surface of the surrounding area, it has an almost cubic foundation, comprised of walls and 57 pillars of red sandstone and ledges made of the same material. These walls are decorated by 175 carved stone faces; etched into limestone. Each head is unique, displaying features of various ethnicities.
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