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The Pre-hispanic Hills, identified as the hills of the Amazon culture, are located in the northern part of Bolivia, around Trinidad, capital city of the department of Beni, at 156 meters above mean sea level.

New horizons are discovered with each step taken in the Hills, where an estraordinary combination between nature an history is found. Besides the beautiful natural surroundings, there are important archaeological zones and unique ethnic settlements.
    • Pre-hispanic Hills, these rise almost unconsciously between The Andes and the Guaporé River. They are hydraulic platforms built by different civilizations that settled in this region approximately 5,500 years ago. Amazon flora and fauna, in all of their magnitude can be appreciated throughout this area.

      These Hills have been the place of important archaeological discoveries of the old Beni cultures and are also living history of the republican period based on the exploitation of rubber and chestnuts.

      Suarez Hill, located 12 km. northeast of Trinidad, on the banks of the clear, warm watered Ibare River, where beautiful landscapes as well as birds and animals of different species can be appreciated. The Suarez Hill was a silent witness to the glorious time when rubber and chestnuts were summoned in this region. It has an important cultural and architectural patrimony dating back from the republican period.

      Chuchini Hill, located 8 km. from Suarez Hill, has an impressive rainforest landscape. Its name means “tiger´s den” due to the feline concentration found here. Picturesque ecological paths connect the eight artificial hills with mounds surrounded by low lands formed which hold forests, lagoons and savannah. 90 bird species, over 100 flora species and 15 fish families are found here. Considered a natural sanctuary for birds, parrots and herons, it´s also an ideal spot for photographic safaris.

      This impressive Hill dates back 5,500 years and is one of the 20,000 artificial Hills that integrate the hydraulic and agricultural systems of the Moxo culture. It has an archaeological museum which holds over 1,000 items from the Beni culture. Throughout the Hill routes lagoons, a variety of ferns and many lizards and alligators can be seen.
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